They were supposed to fix the HVAC system during winter break

While the kids were out of school for winter break, they were supposed to be fixing the HVAC system at the school building. We were told over and over by the administration that they were going to be working on the HVAC system and basically doing an entire overhaul at the school while the kids weren’t there. It made sense for them to do it while the kids weren’t trying to have classes in the classrooms. They said that they were even going to try to do a professional ductwork cleaning of all of the ductwork throughout the school building, too. I was really glad to hear that they were thinking about doing this because the HVAC system in the school really leaves a lot to be desired. Some days, my kids come home from school and tell me that they were freezing cold in class all day. Then other days, they say that it was so hot in their classrooms that they could barely stay awake after lunch. I know that it’s difficult to maintain a steady temperature in a building that is as big as a school, but our kids deserve to have good indoor air quality in the buildings that they have to sit in for seven or eight hours per day. I really hope that by the time classes resume next Wednesday, all of the HVAC work will be completed and the kids will be going back to class with better heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. They will be able to start the new year out right!


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