This guy is a problem maker

My husband Gerald considers himself to be a handyman.

After years of dealing with his truly halfhearted attempts of fixing things, I got worried when our A/C machine would not start at the very start of the warm season.

I tried to avoid telling Gerald that the A/C machine was not kicking on because you never feel the extent of massive destruction to the machine plus bank account he is going to cause. I have always set up annual service on our central air machine when Gerald was not home just to avoid the waste of currency conversation with him. So I called the trusted HVAC specialist to come inspect our machine for the next day when Gerald was not home, and just when I thought he was none the wiser the regular temperatures outside spiked to a whopping hundred degrees. If you have ever experienced a tepid day added high humidity along with it, you feel how unbearable it can be. I certainly avoided the house by running errands in our nice air conditioned car. When Gerald arrived home later in the night with the windows opened plus fans running, I already knew our plan had failed. He went outside to the A/C machine plus started dismantling it, however god help anyone who has been through this travesty. He checked all kinds of complications on the A/C machine although Gerald was completely stumped. I told Gerald I could make a call to the local HVAC repairman to come out to check it over. The dear repairman arrived with a smile on his face as this is not the first time he has been to our house after Gerald has tried to fix something. Thankfully the repairman did not charge extra to put the A/C machine back together.

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