TRANE Company Information and Owner’s Guide to Outdoor Units

In this article, I will take you through the owner’s manual for a TRANE outdoor unit. This factsheet should be used in addition to the safety manual that come along with your new product. Trane is a trusted brand for all of your heating and A/C needs. Like any HVAC system, these products require seasonal and sometimes, emergency maintenance. The Trane website provides you with a list of certified technicians to call in the event of an HVAC emergency. If you have not purchased a Trane product and are using this article as a resource to buying, you’re in the right place! Trane offers 0% APR financing for 72 months. This allows you to enjoy your new Trane heating or cooling system with the peace of mind that it will not break the bank. People do not anticipate an emergency HVAC problem, and when the issue is large, it can be a huge financial burden and Trane understands that. People may have questions regarding this offer on financing. Here are a few common questions regarding financing specials: Can I get HVAC financing with bad credit? Details on HVAC financing are available at your local dealer. All credit checks are done through a 3rd party and the offer is only offered to those with approved credit. Financing is available only on qualifying equipment. Not all items are available for financing. Many people are worried that they cannot afford a new HVAC system. With the technology Trane has, the financing options and rebate offers, a new HVAC could actually save you money over time. The Trane website also offers a free estimate calculator. The estimator asked questions specific to your home and concerns. The Trane website also offers a portal to schedule regular maintenance to keep your system operating at peak efficiency all year long. 

I found a user’s guide online and I would like to summarize that in the next few paragraphs. Most outdoor Trane units require minimal maintenance.  What you can do as an owner of a Trane unit: keep the outdoor unit free of debris. Snow, dirt and leaves can build up around the unit. This kind of debris can cause the Trane unit to function improperly and require a visit from your local dealer. There are also many things that can void your new Trance unit of its warranty. The more buildup a unit has, the more energy it has to use to properly function. Cleaning the outside of the unit is simple. Dish soap and water will clean the outside of the unit well. It is very important to follow all of the safety recommendations found in the manual. If you notice one of the following problems, there are steps to take before you should call a specialist. If you notice insufficient heating or cooling you should check the filters, check that the air is circulating freely or check for a blocked outdoor coil. If you notice failure to opertate, you should turn the power off, open the circuit breaker or burned out fuses or see if the thermostat is adjusted improperly. If there is a blue auxiliary heat light on, that might be normal. When the outdoor temperatures fall, intermittent lighting is normal. If you notice unusual noise, do not attempt to fix anything on your own. Call your local dealer to set up a maintenance appointment. Like I mentioned before, you can easily void your warranty by attempting to repair the unit on your own. 

In order to get the best energy efficiency out of your Trane unit, it is best to follow these energy saving tips: Insulate the home! This is the single most important thing you can do to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new Trane unit and to keep your electric bill low. Double paned windows are also a good way to conserve energy. Storm doors can also help to prevent loss of AC from the home. Keeping windows and doors closed while using Trane systems can preserve energy. A humidifier allows the air in your home to be moist and not as dry. Setting the thermostat as high as your comfort level will allow is vital to saving money on electric bills. Although there are a number of things you can do to allow your new Trane unit to function at its highest capacity, you should always rely on a professional to diagnose these problems. Normal, monthly maintenance includes: replacing the filter as needed, inspecting the unit for debris and vegetation, and telling your technician if you hear any unusual noises. If you notice that you energy bill is increasing and you do not understand why, you should contact a technician. There could be an underlying issue that could be detrimental to your Trane system.

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