Trip outside this Country

Have you ever taken a trip out of this country? I was fifty years aged before I was able to make such a trip. It was a little trip, yup, however it was mainly to get dental care at a adequate rate. Anyway, I am really ecstatic I finally got to go outside of this country because I l earned quite a bit. One of the things I found most flabbergasting was how all of us take so much for granted – mainly, air conditioning. I went south of the border, plus it is even hotter there than it is here, which is shocking in plus of itself, and even so, hardly any people who were born plus raised there had air conditioning in their homes. Even suppliers did not think the need to put in air conditioning. Of course, heating is completely unnecessary, however when the temperature control reads 90 degrees, you would suppose they would want to have cooling system. ONe of the people I met who lives there told me that it isn’t the cooling system device itself that is too luxurious. Instead, it is the electricity required to run the cooling system that is beyond the means of most proper folks, then now, the wealthier people do have air conditioning, don’t get me wrong, however the average Jose does not. The locations that are meant to cater to tourists also have air conditioning; can you imagine renting a hotel room or apartment that doesn’t come with cooling system? The little apartment I rented only had mini-split cooling system units in the family rooms. In the residing room, there was only a ceiling fan that barely moved.

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