We are upgrading to heated floors

My husband plus I have just bought an older house for ourselves plus are planning on remodeling it 1 room at a time as our budget allows.

As is the case with older homes you never feel how well the HVAC system is going to run! My husband plus I certainly had already decided the people I was with and I wanted heated flooring as a way to reduce our husband’s sleeping complications.

He is a really light sleeper plus the old forced air system always seems to wake him up when the blower kicks on. So, what category of radiant floors do the people I was with and I wanted to install? The both have their benefits however our budget would not certainly allow us to install it throughout the whole home. The people I was with and I currently live in a milder weather conditions which keeps our heating costs lower all throughout our Winter seasons. The people I was with and I decided to install the rooms of electric radiant floors as it is easier to install small areas at 1 time. The system allows for many additional parts to the flooring as you go. The people I was with and I will be able to split down our total cost of installing as the people I was with and I remodel the rooms in our home one by one. The electric heated flooring allows us to choose the HVAC system we want at the pace the people I was with and I can afford with all the same benefits of the old water heated flooring. I figure with the warmer weather conditions, the installation and energy costs should balance itself out.


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