Working from home is great because I can set the temperature myself

Working from home is great, since I am the one who is in control of the temperature settings now! Back before we were all being encouraged to work from home, I had to go into the office every day of the week, just like most people do.

It was an annoying drive, but I actually liked being at work most of the time.

Well, I should say that I liked being at work whenever our office manager wasn’t there. The problem with the office manager was that he had no clue how to keep the thermostat settings at the right temperatures for the rest of the office. It was almost like if he felt the least bit cold, he would crank up the furnace to unbelievably hot temperatures. Within minutes, the whole office would feel hot and stuffy and sometimes it got so hot in there that it felt like the inside of a furnace. It was ridiculous to be sweating like we were in a tropical paradise rather than on the top floor of an office building with a crazy office manager. Anyway, he was the same way in the summer with the air conditioning. Half of the time, he would turn the A/C on so high that I could see my breath when I was sitting at my desk trying to work. So working from home now is great for me, since I can set the thermostat temperatures myself. I don’t have to worry about whether the office is going to be too hot or too cold on any given day because I’m the one who is in charge.

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