You would not believe the kind of debris found in an air duct

Even the wireless thermostat was now working on the cooling equipment.

We had been having issues with the office temperatures for a while now and being the maintenance administrator, I was getting the heat from the bosses and summer. It had been a tough week as the finance team was delaying in releasing the funds meant to fix the commercial air conditioning system. I had tried troubleshooting but had gone as far as changing the HEPA filter to help with indoor comfort. The money was finally released and I sent for the cooling specialists. After performing the HVAC service, they determined that the vents were clogged with either dirt or a substance that was blocking the free flow of air. As they were about to clean the air ducts, they discovered human feces, dead rodents as well as a live big tarantula. Where in the world would a tarantula come from and how was it comfortable in the small vent? They cleaned up the vent and the central air conditioning unit was back in operation. The zoned HVAC was able to serve the staff and there was less heat for me to take in. The cooling workman narrated to us how once he got drugs in the vents. A previous homeowner was a drug addict and had left some drugs in the vent when he moved out. Even the wireless thermostat was now working on the cooling equipment. When the blockage was there, it had affected the functions of climate control. The technicals recommended we always schedule a quality AC service on the cooling units as dirt and debris were bound to accumulate in the new HVAC system. I planned to have the units tuned up as often as is recommended to avoid such issues in the future.

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