A bit of effort and ductless HVAC provide some mortgage insurance

When we bought this place, my wife and I both realized that it was at the very outer limit of our budget. And that’s still sort of putting it mildly. Still, when we first laid eyes on this place, we felt like we had just walked into our home. The house is an older home with a structure that will outlast us all. What’s more, the place had been totally renovated. From the HVAC equipment to the kitchen to the flooring, it was all new. And it was perfect. The renovations were done in a style that just completely fit our taste. Plus, the house was just everything we had ever wanted when it came to space and location. So we bit the bullet and put all our money into buying the place. The mortgage was pretty steep but we made some lifestyle and spending habit changes to accommodate the mortgage. But when the pandemic hit, both my wife and I had to take some pretty stiff pay cuts in order just to work from home in our own air conditioning. Suddenly, just making the mortgage was going to be done with zero margins. But we came up with a plan that saved us then and will cover us going forward. Our house has a finished basement with it’s own entrance. All we had to do was decorate and furnish it a bit. Then, we called the HVAC professionals for some quality heating and air. They installed a ductless heat pump in the new apartment and it was just perfect. We now have a renter who helps us cover the mortgage.

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