Adding heated flooring to the bathroom

I am in the process of updating our bathroom.

I have completely gutted it down to the bare studs.

The walls, ceiling and all the plumbing fixtures came out. I want to totally revamp the space. The toilet needs to be moved to a uncommon wall. The shower controls need to transfer quite a distance too. I want a glass wall shower with an overhead spray. I also want to add a penny style floor. I noticed that our bathroom sits much lower than our living room it is affixed to. I would entirely enjoy to bring the floor up. Now I could just get a thicker stone board and solve that issue. I did find online that some people invest in radiant flooring when they redo their tile. I would add electric heated mats on top of the stone board and then our penny stone goes on top of it. That would bump up our floor to meet our bathroom perfectly. I also enjoy the method of having heated feet in the bathroom, then radiant heating is totally silent and doesn’t stir up dust. There are no tepid and chilly spots and heat won’t rise. The proposal is undoubtedly energy efficient, self-explanatory to install and can last up to 15 years. I could buy the electric mats at a hardware store and do the heating replacement myself. I just don’t see a single con with this system. Radiant heat also warms objects it touches. I am thinking our toilet is going to recognize enjoy I have a heated seat. I don’t care what it costs, I have to have it.




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