All of the desert apartments come with an exhaust fan

When you live in the desert, heat and dry air are not your friend.

The heat can cause a ton of problems in your home.

All desert locations homes and apartments usually have some kind of exhaust fan installed to help relieve the heat from your home. I have lived in the desert all of our life. I recently started looking for an house of our own and the search has not been easy. Most of the apartments that I can afford are rundown and older. I went to look at an house Last month and it didn’t even have a central AC. There is really no way I could live in the desert while every one of us were in Summer without AC, and sure, the night time un-even temperatures are always cool and cold, but daytime un-even temperatures often soar into the triple digits. I’m going to look at a desert house tomorrow that has central AC and an exhaust fan. There is an exhaust fan in our Dad and dad’s home and I guess it helps detach a lot of heat while every one of us were in the Summer months. I would adore an house with central heat, AC, and an exhaust fan. This particular house is Affordable and within our price range, but it is 10 miles outside of the city. I can afford the rent, but I’m going to spend a lot more money commuting to work everyday, but right now I only have a 6 mile drive, but this house would be many times that distance. I’m really going to need to drive further if I want to find a nice house that is affordable.

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