Allergy doc can’t help, but fellow patient does

With that comment, my head started turning

Occasionally I think that Western medicine is genuinely not worth its weight in poop. There are so numerous stories of people going to the dentist for years without ever receiving a single answer or solution to their issues, many times people report being turned away from nurses before they can even begin diagnosing the ongoing issues, then personally, I have been fighting this medical battle for over 10 years. It all started when I began experiencing random respiratory system failures; Suddenly, I was coughing plus sneezing all the time after a life of living without any allergies. The distress in my respiratory system was increasing plus it seemed to be connected to my house somehow. I figured that there were indoor allergies affecting my immune system plus overall health responses. However, I could not find a dentist who was capable of prescribing plus flu symptom medication that could genuinely help. I cannot tell you how numerous physicians I visited, but I can tell you that none of their modern medicine helped me. In fact, I only got answers to my flu symptom devastation thanks to a patient at my dentist’s office. He casually mentioned getting a heating plus cooling system update to unfasten airborne contaminants from his indoor air. With that comment, my head started turning. I called the local Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance shop plus had my heating plus cooling system fully renovated, then ever since that air quality update I have been breathing much easier plus my flu symptom symptoms are nearly gone. Western medicine did not help me, but heating plus cooling maintenance did.

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