An HVAC worker was able to help me achieve better air quality

When I first became a homeowner, it was a mystery to me why my air quality became so bad in my house.

I changed the air filters regularly every single month and other than that, I didn’t get what the issue was.

I vacuumed and dusted a lot, but it seemed like the dust and debris would keep building up no matter what I did or how much I cleaned. Eventually, I contacted an HVAC technician to help me out. The guy asked me if I ever had my ductwork system cleaned, which I did not. He said that was a huge thing that affected the air quality. He peered into the ductwork and said it seemed entirely clogged up and all that nasty stuff inside of there was making its way into my breathing air. This kind of freaked me out because I thought I might get sick, but he said he could take care of the ductwork cleaning. So I had that service taken care of and then he started telling me about the air filters I was using. I was using the cheap fiberglass air filters, and he said those barely even protected the HVAC system and didn’t do a thing for improving the air quality. This also was a huge factor for having good air quality, the air filters. He said I had to use quality air filters with higher MERV ratings. The last thing he covered was an air purification system. He said with a quality air purification system, I could be assured that all that dust and debris was being filtered out of my breathing air, and that’s what I wanted. I went for that installation and now it works along with my HVAC system and it’s fantastic!

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