Assessing the commercial air conditioning system at the sauces company

My sister had always loved cooking since I could remember.

My parents bought her a toy kitchen for her 4th birthday and she had fallen in love with preparing a meal to bring her loved ones together.

She had gone on to study food science and she had opened her own processing plant, where she produced the most bought sauce in the food industry. The operations manager called the cooling and heating company to request assistance with the commercial air conditioning system that seemed to be leaking as the floor below the quality HVAC equipment was wet with puddles of water. I carried my best a/c reps as I wanted the work to be done fast and efficiently. These cooling experts had trained dozens of new employees down at the air conditioning business and they had interacted with numerous heating and cooling equipment so this was no new system to them. Fortunately, it was not embedded with the smart HVAC which would have made the troubleshooting more complex. A thorough check on the quality air conditioner during a HVAC service plan revealed that there was a leak that was causing the gas from the hybrid HVAC system to leak. We got a new duct from the home comfort business and replaced the leaking one. We also got new batteries for the programmable thermostat unit. As we worked, we could smell the aroma from the sauces which was without a doubt mouth watering. I was thinking as we wrapped up the work, ‘thank god I had changed to a ductless mini split unit for our home. We did not have to worry about a busted pipe spilling its contents in the house.



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