Aunt Beth’s House Back in the Day

There were six of us kids, so of course finances were problematic.

I used to have an Aunt Bet. She was my mom’s sister, and she was my favorite aunt. Even when I was a kid, she was old, but she was an absolute delight. Her husband wasn’t exactly good to her, and my mother despised him for that. I didn’t realize that at the time. Anyway, I loved to go to Aunt Bet’s house back in the day. Whenever we showed up at her door, she would always make such a big fuss over me. She would offer me some kind of sweet – whether it was candy or cookies or whatnot. Sometimes, I would go over there and we would bake cookies together. Hardly anyone else liked going to her house, though, because the house did not have air conditioning. Now, I am talking way south in the most southern state in the nation, and there was no air conditioning. My mom thought there was no a/c because her husband was too much of a cheapskate to have HVAC installed. Most of the time, he left my aun there in the house, and he went off doing whatever it was he liked to do. I’m sure wherever he went, there was a/c in abundance. Aunt Bet used to love to come to our house; we did not have very much money at all, as my dad passed away when I was only two years old. There were six of us kids, so of course finances were problematic. I know sometimes my mom struggled to pay the utility bill, but even so, we still used the air conditioning. We lived in a mobile home in a trailer park for a couple of years, and even the mobile home had air conditioning. I miss my aunt Bet; I bet there is a/c in her part of heaven.


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