Beating the high cost of HVAC cooling this summer

I’m always amazed when a little bit of effort goes a long, long way.

And that’s certainly the case this summer as we are once again dealing with the high heat and humidity of this region.

To say it’s hot here in the summer is right up there with is the Pope Catholic? To say yes, is just an understatement. I’m not a native so this type of summer is a bit different for me. Still, it’s just been a bit overwhelming. Without the help of residential HVAC, I don’t think I could make it quite frankly. When we relocated down here, we were so thrilled to be done with the gas furnace and the 5 to 6 month long winter we were accustomed to. Looking back, I just don’t know how I managed dealing with that sort of winter for so long. And while I’m so thankful for that gas furnace, there were some significant costs involved with HVAC heating. So we were really glad to move to an area where the heating costs are next to nothing. However, for the first few summers, we spent far too much on air conditioning. This year, we decided to make a concerted effort to ease up on the thermostat for the heat season. And I also visited the HVAC company’s website where I learned all about how to prep the house for the summer as well. I just went step by step and the benefits have been awesome. We’re almost to the halfway point of the summer and our HVAC cooling costs are nearly 25 percent lower with just a little bit of effort.

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