Being married to an HVAC technician is rough

Being married to an HVAC technician is really rough most of the time. I know that most people probably don’t think that having a spouse who is an HVAC technician would be all that much of an ordeal, but it actually turns out that it can be pretty stressful. At least it is for me. My husband works as an HVAC technician at one of the local heating and cooling businesses here in town. They mostly deal with residential heating and cooling maintenance and repairs, and my husband is really good at his job. The problem with being good at your job is that they want you to work more, though. Now, my husband is the one that they put on call for any residential heating and cooling emergencies that come up. The problem with that is the fact that his little HVAC beeper that the company gave him is constantly going off. Nights, weekends, holidays, it doesn’t seem to matter. My husband seems to be going off on heating maintenance and emergency air conditioning calls at all hours of the night and whenever we are supposed to be having family time on weekends and holidays. It is driving me crazy, but I know that at this point, there isn’t really anything that he can do about changing his schedule at the HVAC company. I think that one day he might get sick of it and start up his own heating and cooling company. If he does that, then he can just work whenever he feels like it, I guess!

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