Booking an AC repair online wasn’t that hard

Last summer, we had to leave town for two weeks to see my grandma.

She’d fallen ill during winter, and I was desperate to be with her.

So, my fiance took time off work so that we’d drive down to the coast to be with her. My grandma was a great part of my life since she was always there when mom had to work, which was most of the time. She raised and taught me everything about baking, which became my career as an adult. Thinking she was ill and I was so far away made me feel sad. But, she made me promise to go visit her when we had time because of work. We ended up having a lovely visit since she was doing much better and came back to a house with a faulty AC unit. Instead of turning off the AC unit, my fiance had set the smart thermostat on ‘vacation mode’ since we were only going for two weeks. But, it seemed something went wrong since the AC unit stopped working. It was early morning, so I went online to book an AC worker to come to take a look. I’d come to love booking AC workers for repair and maintenance online since it was so much easier. All my information was already in their database, so I had to specify the service we needed. This time I checked on repair services and got the time when the AC worker would arrive. The company had our address, and that afternoon an AC worker knocked at the door. He inspected and repaired the faulty AC unit in record time.




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