Ceiling fan almost decapitates bride

I’m surprised that there isn’t a reality show at this point about the world’s worst weddings.

Wouldn’t it be an awesome piece of programming to laugh at with your best friends? I would absolutely love to see a bunch of Bridezillas pouring their heart and soul into a single event only for it to turn into a disaster.

I have to say, that’s a piece of entertainment for me. That being said, I can report that I have seen my own disaster wedding before. In fact, it was last month when my cousin decided that she was getting married despite having no money. She booked a large venue in the area that lacked class but offered a great deal of space. Clearly, she did not care much about the quality of the arena. And this included everything down to the indoor air quality. When we arrived at the facility it was hot and muggy inside. It felt like they didn’t even have a working air conditioning system for us to be relying on. As everyone sat in their seat and sweated, I tried my best to fan myself. However, nothing really made a difference with the sweltering hot air that surrounded us. I looked up at some point and noticed that there was a large ceiling fan uselessly spinning at the top of the venue. It was providing no breeze or circulation whatsoever. However, this ventilation effort was about to create quite a scene. Halfway through the vows of the bride and groom we heard a strange sound from the fan overhead. Just as we looked up, the ceiling fan came crashing down and nearly smashed the bride.

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