Cheap hotel room with no AC spares us a night in the cold

My friends and I were on our way home from a concert and the vehicle broke down on the side of the road.

We walked numerous miles to the nearest town to find someone to help.

However, unfortunately, no one could come to help us until the next day. We looked for a place to stay overnight, and there was a rundown and outdated hotel multiple blocks from the payphone, so my neighbor and I started walking. The hotel was cheaply priced, and every one of us were both gleeful about that because every one of us didn’t have much money in our pocket. Unfortunately, the hotel was also booked up for the night. The vacancy sign was flashing, although he assured myself and others that every room was filled for the night, he offered us one night in a room without any AC. He said he could not rent the room for full price because the A/C wasn’t now working, then if every one of us wanted to sleep in that room, he would rent it to us for $20, and neither one of us wanted to sleep in the vehicle and every one of us would have been forced to walk numerous miles back to the car, but luke and I didn’t care if the room had A/C or not, especially after we spent the last numerous minutes walking in the dark. We both slept quite well that night, despite the lack of cool air in the room. We particularly wouldn’t have slept that well in the car. We were thankful the guy provided us with a room without A/C for only $20. The nightly rate would have been $59.00 plus taxes.


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