Choosing the right electric fireplace for your home

My wife and I bought an old Winter cabin. It was on the market for a full year, before we decided to check it out. My wife and I wanted a winter cabin, so we could visit the country during the winter months. The cabin has two bedrooms, a single bathroom, and three acres of wooded space. The winter cabin needs a lot of work, but my wife and I picked up the property for a small amount of money. The cabin is located in an area where the winter season can be cold, but not completely frigid. This is great, because we have several different options for heating the space. The cabin did not have any central heating capabilities, when we bought the rundown place. My wife and I spent weeks trying to research all of our heating options. Since the cabin is only 700 square feet, my wife and I decided to look at electric fireplaces for the space. Electric fireplaces can be a great alternative to wood, and they are cleaner for the environment. There are two main choices for electric fireplace, but both of these heating types work very well. The first heating type is a forced fan, which is a small silent fan that blows air overheated coils. The second type of heat is LED or infrared quartz. As the infrared light warms up, it also warms everything in its path, including people, furniture, and the air. Electric fireplaces are great as a combo unit, because most of them include Heat as well as functionality. Most electric fireplaces have storage space, drawers, as well as a mantl to place your TV. Free-standing electric fireplaces are great for small spaces, because they can be used anywhere in the room. A lot of electric fireplaces come in a variety of colors and wood finishes. Since my wife and I have a credit card for Lowe’s, we decided to research a few options online. We found several different electric fireplaces to choose from and many of them were reasonably priced.

The first electric fireplace was the Real Flame 41-in forced fan electric fireplace. The corner fireplace was very stylish with clean lines. We could choose three different wood finishes, like white, oak, and espresso. The Real Flame 41 inch fan-forced electric fireplace was listed at $539. I reviewed the product information and found out that the Real Flame electric fireplace is a 1400 watt heater that has a programmable thermostat. It can also display the temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. There are also five different settings for brightness with LED technology. The digital display also includes a sleep timer shut off that can be set for 9 hours. The electric fireplace was made of solid wood and able to provide heat for rooms up to 1,000 square feet. I was happy to see many positive customer reviews on the electric fireplace. Most customers gave the fireplace four or five stars. The item seem to be easy to set up and assemble.

We also looked at another corner fireplace as well. Boston Loft Furnishings has a similar fan-forced electric fireplace. It’s a little bit bigger at 48 in in height, but it also comes with a thermostat and remote control. This electric fireplace can even accommodate a television that weighs up to 90 lb. The Boston Loft furnishings fan-forced electric fireplace can conveniently plug into any standard wall outlet. I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of colors and finishes. The Boston Loft Furnishings fan-forced electric fireplace comes in black, mahogany, cherry, or ivory. At $528, it was priced in the same category as the Real Flame fireplace. I really liked the corner shelving units and extra storage space.

My wife and I also considered a Boston Loft furnishings LED electric fireplace. This was the most expensive of our options, coming in at close to $600. This electric fireplace didn’t require any professional installation either. I loved the real wood look and stone feel of this fireplace. It looked traditional and modern at the same time. The fireplace mantel can support up to 85 lb, making this the perfect choice for our living room and 65 in TV. The Boston Loft Furnishings 5000 watt electric fireplace also is convenient to use with a standard wall outlet.

Between our three choices, my wife and I found a lot of similarities and a few differences. Lowe’s had a great selection, making our decision that much more difficult. Both of the Boston Loft furnishings electric fireplaces were available for delivery, though the Real Flame fan-forced electric fireplace was not. All three of the electric fireplaces included an adjustable flame, a flame that can operate with or without heat, and a variety of settings. All three of the electric fireplaces had a similar BTU rating around 5,000. All three of the electric fireplaces had the same overall maximum wattage. With so many similarities between the three electric fireplaces, my wife and I had a very difficult time making our decision. Even the warranty information was the same, and each of the electric fireplaces come with a limited one-year warranty. 

After taking some time to properly review all of our choices, my wife and I financially decided to go with the 45 in 5000 BTU Boston Loft Furnishings electric fireplace. We ordered the electric fireplace online and had it shipped to the store for free. It was ready two days ahead of time. It was extremely easy to set up, and we only needed a screwdriver, socket wrench, and a few other hand tools. The entire fireplace looks much better than either one of us could have imagined. We have had the fireplace installed for a few months now, and we are extremely happy with the product. It looks great in our living area and blends in with the rest of the furniture. We have no problem heating the entire square footage of our cabin with the single electric fireplace. The side shelves are great for our electronics and knick knacks. 

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