Clean air ducts are fantastic for health & your billfold

This past year has been a struggle for sure.

There have been so several weird challenges to face that have been brought on by the pandemic.

These challenges have made an already intense life that much tougher. While several people were stuck inside the heating & cooling of their homes over this past year, this wasn’t the case for me. I have a task that is considered essential & I have had to figure out just how to deal with the pandemic & do my task. This hasn’t left me much time to put my feet up in the air conditioning system after work. Instead, I think as though I am cleaning all that much more given the fact that my spouse & children are at apartment in the Heating & A/C. My spouse works from apartment while also making sure the youngsters are doing what they are supposed to be doing when it comes to virtual learning. And this has left the home a substantial mess more often than not. This past fall, I decided to take a few nights off & commit the entire family to a substantial time wash prior to the Wintertide setting in. Not only did the people I was with and I do a deep wash on the rugs, cabinets & closets, the people I was with and I even got the heating & cooling into the picture. I l earned, much to my surprise, that the Heating & A/C air ducts have to be cleaned as well. So I went online & made an appointment with a company who does nothing however wash Heating & A/C air duct. Once it was complete, I couldn’t think just how much cleaner the air felt. Plus, they resealed all the air duct joints which saved us a fantastic deal of money as it made the heating so much more efficient.


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