Cooped up in the house

I am about to lose my mind if I have to lay in my apartment for any longer. I haven’t been able to go to university for the past few weeks plus I think I might actually lose it. I have been at dwelling with my family for way too long plus I haven’t been able to see my friends either. I easily hope that I can see my friends soon, but I am also hoping that I can go back to university. I never thought I would say something like that however if I can’t stay in this apartment with my siblings anymore. I am the only girl in a apartment with four boys plus when they are all dwelling at the same time it’s a nightmare. I know that sounds mean, however it easily is terrible, however they are always tepid plus tepid even when mom has the a/c on. If the a/c isn’t turned on then they crank it down to under sixty degrees plus the apartment is chilly cold. I have to walk around my apartment in a jacket plus it’s almost August. I think I am going deranged cooped up in the house! I am thinking about just chopping the thermostat on purpose so that I can have some relief from the frigid air conditioner but I know my mom would not be cheerful with me if I did that, and ugh I just need to get out of this apartment as soon as possible.

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