Developing plantar fasciitis from running

I got really into running right once I got married. I’ve always been super dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for years. I don’t eat fast foods, avoid caffeine and stay away from empty calories. I exercise for at least an hour every morning. When we got married, my husband and I immediately bought our own house. We were especially young, just getting started in our careers and our budget was tight. I could not afford a gym membership. I didn’t have the budget to invest in a ton of fancy workout equipment. I had to strategize a way to stay in shape without spending a ton of money. That’s when I got interested in running. All the activity requires is a pair of sneakers. I quickly increased my stamina as well as the distance I covered until I was running between 6 to ten miles each time. Unfortunately, I ran in a cheap pair of sneakers that didn’t provide enough arch support. The shoes weren’t designed for running. Because of the stress on my feet, I ended up suffering from plantar fasciitis. It felt as if the arch of my feet, from toes to heels was tearing open with each step. I had no choice but to quit running. I could barely walk. I spent more money than I could afford on a pair of customized inserts for my shoes. I had to rest my feet, ice them and take Advil. I needed a year before my feet were healthy enough to start running again. I made certain to buy the right footwear. I am now more conscientious about warming up and stretching prior to running. I don’t run every day. On some days, I stick with low impact training. I give my joints and muscles the opportunity to recover.


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