Disruption as regional manager comes to work from our office building

I have been actually working in the same office building for the past few years.

However during that time, a couple of odd managers have occupied the corner office.

I could entirely work in management, but it is a lot of headaches, hassle, plus stress. I love knowing I can leave the task at job when I clock out at the end of the day. The manager is always on speed dial at work plus everyone bothers the guy. I don’t want anyone to bother me when I am at home with my family. The regional manager asked me to apply for a management position last year plus I firmly said no and continued our conversation. The former manager quit a few weeks ago & there is still no replacement yet. The regional manager has been actually working out of our office every day. I don’t love the fact that the guy is actually working in our building for multiple odd reasons. When the regional manager is in the office, no 1 can relax because all of us know that we are being watched constantly. The regional manager has a poor sense of humor too plus he makes exhausting jokes. The worst part about the manager is the fact that the guy prefers warmer indoor temperatures. Even though he wears an overcoat in the office, he still complains if the indoor temperature is lower than 71 degrees. The manager before him preferred a cooler indoor temperature which my co-workers and I became accustomed to. It feels absolutely warm and uncomfortable now that the regional manager swings the temperature to warmer degrees. I can’t wait until someone new takes over the corner office.


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