Doing research on different climates

When I went to college, I had many assignments as expected.

But the one that stuck out to me was when I had to do research about the different climates in the United States.

This was something that came very easy to me because I had experience in traveling and I could easily write about all of the different climates. I went into detail about the hottest and coldest areas of the US and how they affect the people that live there. One big difference between the hotter and colder regions is surprising in the heating and cooling systems that are used. In the southern areas, it is warm most of the year and so the HVAC system is a heating and cooling system that is combined into one. The people that live in those areas use the air conditioning system far more than the heater, but in colder more northern states the opposite is true. People will go out of there to get their hands on the best heating systems, and many have specialized furnaces. After all, nobody wants to freeze to death. The cold is a much bigger concern. I jotted down as much information I could think of about the climates and the weather. The hard work paid off when I got a good grade. I didn’t just enjoy writing the paper, but I enjoyed the experience as well. I had always wanted to travel, and by doing so I learned about places and heating and cooling facts that I would have never known before. When the opportunity arises I plan to do it all over again.

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