Dorian had been part of an exceptional team of HVAC specialists for a 3 decades

Dorian was looking forward to retiring.

Unlike many other people he knew who grew bored after a few years, he was determined to live a good life.

His family was doing well, and all the kids lived independently. It was his time to travel and see the world. He’d promised his wife he’d go on their planned adventures once he retired from work. Ever since he was a teen, Dorian had his hands in the HVAC industry. His dad was a trained heating system expert. But, he never went to any fancy trade schools to acquire the skills. Instead, Dorian’s dad learned all there was to know about heating units from his mentor. Later, he passed all that knowledge to Dorian, who also had to go back to school at some point to get the right HVAC specialist certificates. Now, after 3 decades, Dorian was ready to close that chapter. He had built a successful HVAC installation, repair and service company. Since his kids all had other interests, Dorian had accepted an offer to sell the HVAC company to another corporation in the area. The offer meant he could travel to see his kids, grandkids, and other parts of the world for as long as he wanted to do so. His employees and friends all threw him a surprise farewell party at the HVAC company. He was so happy to have touched the minds and hearts of so many HVAC specialists who had excellent things to say about their boss. Even some of his HVAC clients showed up at the party to bid him farewell.


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