Ductwork sealing fixes comfort complaints

Over the course of a year, I noticed that the living rooms were consistently warm in the Summer and rather frosty in the winter, however i blamed the air duct.

  • I figured there were leaks at the seams allowing the heated and cooled air to escape.

I did some research and l gained that the majority of homes sacrifice up to 30% of conditioned air to holes in the ducts. I hired a local Heating and A/C supplier to provide duct sealing; The process was much less high-priced than I expected. The supplier first jammed off all of the supply and return registers and then pumped pressurized air into the system. This air contained polymer particles that are non-toxic, leave behind no residue and yet are adhesive, then as the air leaked out of the several imperfections, the sticky particles collected along the edges until they gradually built up an airtight seal. The process was completed in a little over an hour. The Heating and A/C supplier then took care of the ducts and verified the results by way of a iPad generated report. This innovative genre of duct sealing is called Aeroseal and it is guaranteed to last for several years. I was relieved that there was no disfigure, no mess and no unpleasant smells; Plus, having the duct idea sealed eliminated the uneven temperatures throughout the house. I have also noticed a significant savings on weekly utility bills, The a/c and furnace no longer need to run as long or as often. The apartment stays cleaner and smells better. I am now making it a point to have the air duct professionally diagnosed every year.

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