Enriching my marriage at the gym

Marriage truly is a partnership and the longer you’re in one the more evident that becomes.

  • This is particularly true when raising a family together.

There is just so much to a marriage that comes down to commitment, trust and sticking together. However, I have recently learned that being together on purpose is equally important. My wife and I joined a health and fitness center together about a year ago. We have found that this has only strengthened and revitalized our love for each other. That was not what I was expecting from a gym membership. My wife and I noticed that we were around each other but not really with each other. It was about the kids or the house or our jobs far more than it was about us and time together. We tried the date night thing and it was fine. But we wanted more than just a weekly designation for time together. That’s when my wife came up with the health and wellness idea. And it made sense. The health and wellness center that we would join had a daycare center so we could bring the kids and not have to worry about them. Plus, we had the certified fitness experts work up a workout program we could do together. It just blossomed from there. Even just sitting in the sauna after a workout program is wonderful. Our relationship has deepened with the time we have spent at the health and fitness center. Plus, we are now in the best shape of our lives which doesn’t’ hurt in the attraction to each other department either.


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