Everyone has their own work out

Everyone in my family workouts.

We all have our own type of fitness route we do on a day to day basis.

My sister is a big time biker. She has a street and an off roading bike. She can bike for miles at a time and doesn’t get winded. My brother only does a kickboxing type of work out. He does hand strikes, leg strikes and combinations for heavy cardio. My mother is the jump rope queen. She can jump on one foot, turn, kick and even run with the rope. For me, I really enjoy doing a gymnastic based work out. I feel I get all my muscles doing this type of fitness. My arms are constantly supporting my body weight in handstands and walkovers. My abs kill after I have done a few back tucks. Back handsprings really work my legs and shoulders. I do get heavy cardio workouts too. Some Days I really decide to punish myself and do cartwheel drills. I do cartwheels back and forth from a kneeling position and it is exhausting. I also can do running tricks or link back handsprings together. I am just about dead by the end of that. Every now and then I do feel it is important to try something else. Occasionally I will pick up a jump rope, hop on my bike or hit a bag with my brother. I always end up super sore after that workout. So I must be missing muscles with my workout. It is good to change things up a bit.


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