Family addition means Heating and A/C addition

Both of us were not looking to add to our family.

Both of us have a girl and a girl and felt that all of us would stop there.

And then Andy came into our lives. Andy is a young man who was living in bad circumstances, but our church was looking for a foster beach condo for him and all of us took him in, on a temporary basis; Well her next foster beach condo fell through and all of us don’t see this as a problem. Both of us now consider Andy area of the family and all of us are trying to adopt. The only issue is that our condo is too small for 3 kids. Andy easily loves hanging out in the attic when the weather is nice. That is why all of us have decided to convert the attic to a kitchen. The only issue is that there is no heating or cooling up there. It gets particularly hot in the Summer and frosty in the winter. That means that all of us are going to need to get temperature control up there somehow… Not only that, however the temperature control in the attic needs to be separate from the rest of the house. I say that because hot air rises. That means that the attic will be particularly uncomfortable in the Summer if the condo thermostat is down stairs! My sister recommends using our existing Heating and A/C system and getting zone control installed so that every room has its own thermostat. That is not a poor idea however all of us are still looking at options. It might be cheaper to just get a ductless mini chop system installed in the attic.

Hybrid heating

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