First home comes with necessary HVAC upgrade and a surprise

When I was nearing making the offer on my first home, I knew that if I did end up getting the place, it was going to come with a lot of work ahead. However, that really wasn’t all that big a deal to me. I had plenty of support from friends who had been through all of this before me. I guess I’m sort of late to the party considering that I’m getting my own place in my late 30’s. Most of my friends have been living in their own air conditioning for nearly a decade. But when you’re single and have but the one income, it’s not as easy to save the money in order to live in your own air conditioning. Finally, I had enough for a downpayment that I started house hunting in earnest. The first three or four months were nothing but a disappointment. Just nothing fit me. When I walked into this place, it was like I knew I was home. The price was much lower than market value due to all the stuff that had to be done to the place. But I was game and the very first thing I did, after I closed on the place, was to call the HVAC contractor. I knew the HVAC equipment would have to be replaced. It was a central air conditioning system that looked like it had been around since the 70’s. It had to go. The plan was to just replace the HVAC equipment and move on. But once the HVAC contractor did the inspection, it was clear that the ductwork was worthless as well. So that meant either a lot more work, expense and hassle or go with ductless heat pumps. I chose the ductless heat pumps.



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