Getting a current ductless mini split was a large improvement on my portable cooling system

I made some large mistakes with purchases last year.

I got a cheap TV to replace my outdated a single, but the current TV only lasted many months before it developed screen issues. It was fortunate that it was covered under a year-long warranty, but it was still a waste of my time when I had to package it into a box & send it back to the manufacturer. I was noticing gray splotches on the screen that would transfer around in random locations. It didn’t take long for myself and others to realize there was a burn-in issue with the screen, but it shouldn’t happen this early into a TV’s life cycle. I ran into a similar concern when I bought a portable cooling system for my beach apartment office. Since I spend the majority of my afternoon & afternoon minutes in that room, I figured I could save cash giving it a separate heating & cooling plan so I could run the central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan a lot less. Unfortunately, it was a bad plan that wasted electricity a lot more than what it saved from the larger central cooling system. After a few weeks of dismal performance from the portable cooling system, I decided it was time to call a local heating & cooling supplier so they can do a professional replacement of a ductless mini split cooling system for my beach apartment office. I’ll get an amazing performance along with shocking energy efficiency. Sure, a ductless mini split cooling system might cost more cash up front, but the savings each month in electricity will pay for the difference quicker than I realize.

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