Getting in shape before my wedding

My wedding was a little over 2 and a half years ago.

When I started shopping for a wedding dress, I was upset with the image I saw in the mirror.

I’d neglected my physical fitness and health for several years. I’d gained weight after college and gotten soft. I decided to get in better physical shape prior to the wedding. I had only a year to make changes. Initially, I attempted working out on my own. I went running and started riding my bike. I lifted weights. It didn’t take long before I was making excuses to reduce my workouts or skip them entirely. After a couple of months, I came to the conclusion that I needed professional assistance. I did some checking and found a personal trainer who seemed like an ideal fit. We had a consultation and talked over my goals and availability. I wasn’t a little uncomfortable about getting weighed and having my BMI measured. Initially, the workouts were really strenuous. After the training sessions, I was dripping sweat, exhausted and my muscles were so fatigued. The personal trainer was awesome about encouraging and motivating me. She wouldn’t accept any excuses. Stepping on a scale and getting measured every week compelled me to work harder and follow a healthy diet plan. I gradually started to lose weight and increase strength. I was able to run longer and faster on the treadmill, handle more weight and make it through the entire session without begging to quit. By the day of my wedding, I was at my goal weight. I still get together with my personal trainer for sessions three times each week. On my free days, I still make sure to exercise. I have improved my lifestyle and have gotten into running, cycling, kayaking and a variety of physical activities.

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