Getting the extra gear I needed from this gym

I grew up in a very athletic and active household.

  • It’s a great way to grow up as health and wellness have sort of been a default mode for me much of my life.

Having been a pretty good athlete in highschool, I was more than acquainted with the gym. In fact, I spent a lot of time in the gym when I was that age. Even all the way through college, I was very into going to the gym and doing my workout program. However, once I started my job, I tended to get to my workout program less and less. This was not the best scenario for me and I felt a bit lost. It went this way for a while until I was transferred to a new city. Looking for some innate comfort, I started a new gym membership at a health and fitness center not too far from work. I was drawn to this place because it was more of a cross fit gym. Cross fit was something that I was really interested in. I think perhaps my workout program had gotten a bit stale so, I didn’t want to repeat that situation. The cross fit gym was everything that I had been looking for to raise my fitness expectations and goals. The certified fitness experts at the cross fit gym are always encouraging me to reach new heights. Just that challenge brings back a comfort and support that I remember from when I was younger. It’s just so great to be back in the gym and doing the wellness and fitness work that helps me be my best self.


Wellness and fitness

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