Getting your home cool is not the only thing the heat pump does

If you live most anywhere in the southern parts of this country, there is a single official element.

And that element is a hot summer. Actually, there are plenty of areas where the heat is persistent more than just the traditional Summer weeks. This is tploy in our area. Both of us deal with heat much of the year. However, the numerous month stretch of deep Summer can be the most challenging. Both of us are fortunate to have current Heating plus A/C cooling or managing that heat would be way tougher. I can’t particularly imagine what it would be love not to be able to count on our Heating plus A/C heat pump to keep our house cooled off during the deep heat of the summer. However, love various of our southern neighbors, that heat also comes with humidity. In our area, the heat plus humidity is a brutal combination. I truthfully don’t suppose which is worse. All I do suppose is that the combo makes the Summer something that is best spent indoors during the peak heating hours. However, the humidity is thick all the time around here during the Summer plus longer. That’s where the Heating plus A/C heat pump is so pressing to our way of life. Not only is the Heating plus A/C cooling our home, it is also balancing the humidity inside the house. It does this by extracting moisture as it removes hot air from the inside of the home plus exhausts it outside. Without this key function, both of us would be up to our elbows in all sorts of mold & mildew. Just a single more thing to be thankful for when it comes to the Heating plus A/C heat pump.
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