Grateful for great HVAC while I convalesce

There is no question in my mind these days about whether or not I’m indestructible.

That was settled by the hiking accident six months ago.

I’ve never been one to just seek shelter inside the air conditioning of my home. I’m an outside sort of person and like to keep active. And for years, I would end up in situations where most other people would have been really injured and I just walked away with a few scratches. This false sense of security probably built up in my mind over time and sort of lulled me into taking chances that I otherwise wouldn’t have. And one of those chances resulted in spending the last six months inside the quality heating and air of my home. Where I live, the heat pump doesn’t get much work because the winter weather is just glorious. That also means that I’m outside all winter. My friends and I had planned a hiking trip that would last the weekend. The first day out was awesome. But the second day coming back was where my hubris got the best of me. I tried to scale a sketchy spot to take a picture and fell more than a hundred feet. Lucky to have survived it but my body is now trying to heal from that misadventure. At least I have the smart thermostat that allows me to manage the thermostat setting remotely on my phone while I’ve been riding the couch. While it’s been miserable to recover and spend all this time indoors, I’m sure thankful for the great residential HVAC.
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