Have my own signature drink on the bar menu

I have been going to the same bar for the longest time plus pretty much everybody knows myself and others there, unless they are somebody from out of town, however well, I wanted to do something epic so I worked with the owner of the bar to put my own signature drink on the menu.

I just wanted to have a bunch of people having to say my name to order a good drink.

It’s a beautiful mix of vodka, strawberry lemonade plus the perfect amount of mint, then you’d be surprised, it’s really really good plus a lot of people order it on a respected basis at our bar… Everybody knows how I always love the air conditioning system settings to be just right. I always love for the cooling method to be turned up a bit, especially when it’s a little bit hot outside. So that’s something that helped inspire the drink, on top of enjoying strawberry lemonade a lot, I enjoy taking vodka shots plus I enjoy the a/c method to be blasting. I thought about how mint provides that cooling sensation because of the menthol that is found in the herb. So with that hint of mint, you get that nice cooling sensation when you’re drinking my drink! Both of us call it, the “Minty Chris” plus I have everybody saying that all the time! I can’t blame anybody though because I order it all the time too, at least a few times whenever I’m at the bar. It absolutely is an honor for myself and others to have my own signature drink, but the bar owner says I deserve it. Both of us have been good friends for the longest time.


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