He is still doing his writing job every day

Few things can manage to jolt you back into consciousness more than a swim in 45F water for minutes.

John is taking a sabbatical right now in the Arctic region for a month to recharge.

He is still doing his writing task each afternoon but this afternoon John just couldn’t put pen to paper as he was having crushing doubts about his ability to write excellent material. He opted to skip his pop at the local corporation down the street and go for a dip in the icy Arctic waters near his cottage. The heating system is cranked up right now in the bathroom of the cottage and John’s girlfriend is getting a tepid bathtub of bubbles ready for him when he comes back. John will take a dip now in the water to see if it gets his brain going, he’ll write after a hot bath. Okay, JOhn just got back to the house from his dip in the sea, and he must say he feels like a new man now. The heating system next to him has warmed up the bathroom to a balmy 90F while the tepid water in the tub envelops his cold skin and makes John feel comfy and cozy. John says he is wide awake now like he just drank a pot of coffee. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional got him into the dips a long time ago and he has been hooked ever since. John felt such a jolt of energy this afternoon when he went in that he will definitely do it again tomorrow.

furnace/heater repair

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