He really should take care of himself

I am a firm believer in fitness and working out.

I think everyone can benefit from a little cardio, strength and balance training.

I have been on my husband to workout without any luck. He constantly complains of sore muscles. He works from home at a computer and his neck, shoulders and back all bother him. Rather than stretch every morning to loosen those muscles, he chooses instead to pay for a monthly massage appointment. He isn’t happy with the results either. He still feels tense and tight even after a 100 buck massage. My husband also complains about stomach pain. He is constantly burping, feeling nauseous and running to the bathroom. I make very clean, healthy meals. We don’t eat pasta, meat or a lot of dairy. Even with that, he still feels really tired and gross after eating. I never have that problem since I work out. It gets me moving, feeling awake and good about myself. I wake up in the morning with so much energy and I never feel sick or in pain. I have tried to get my husband to at least step foot in a gym. I have offered to pay for personal training or do a group fitness class with him. Nope, he would much rather complain about it and sit at home. I told him that if he isn’t careful he is going to develop long lasting health problems. You can’t go your whole life sitting on your butt and not develop a health condition. That is my opinion.
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