Heated condo is nice after cold walk

My partner plus I used to take lots of walks together.

  • Well, with the adolescents, the jobs, plus life in general all of us are always busy now.

The two of us haven’t taken a walk together in a few years. So when she spontaneously asked me if I wanted to check out the new trail above our condo with her I said yes. It was just her plus me… No adolescents plus no distractions. It was legitimately nice for the first half mile. Then it started to rain. The rainstorm came out of nowhere. One hour it was bright plus sunny plus the next it was pouring rain. The two of us took shelter under a tree for a bit but it became clear that all of us were going to get soaked no matter what. So all of us made a mad dash to the car. The two of us were both soaked to the skin plus cold cold. It was a legitimately short drive condo so all of us didn’t get the car furnace laboring before making it to the driveway. Once inside all of us were so happy that all of us had left the furnace on. The condo was nice plus sizzling plus comfortable. A sizzling shower helped us thaw out a bit more. So did snuggling in bed after the shower. The furnace kept blasting away the entire day plus it made us so comfortable plus content. I can’t remember being that relaxed in a long long time. So yes, our first walk together in years got rained out but it was still fun. The two of us need to do this again sometime. My partner agrees! However, for now, all of us are happy to just relax in the heated house.

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