Heating and air conditioning helped myself and others take garage back

Something just had to give.

I wasn’t spending another year being utterly ashamed of the condition of my garage. We live in a region where the winter season is just so mild and lovely. The heat pump is pretty much quiet this time of year as the heating demand is quite limited. Our winter season lends itself to being outside and in the fresh air. So I figured what better time than the winter season to finally tackle the garage, then had I waited until later in the Springtime, I’d have blown it off once again because it would be so hot in the garage. I gave all the people a week to get what they wanted out of the dumpster that had become our garage. After that, what reMained was going to charity, getting tossed or getting organized. I was fully committed and it took myself and others an entire weekend of working all morning, but it was worth it as my friend and I now have our gear organized and my friend and I can fit my partner’s vehicle in there. I was so incredibly satisfied with this new space that I wanted some quality heating and air out there. Along with organizing and cleaning out the interior, I took a corner to put a bit of a hobby table in the garage. That way, I could tinker around out there, and first though, I called the heating and air conditioning professionals and had a ductless heat pump installed. I’m really amazed at the power of this ductless heat pump. And that’s just trying it out a handful of times. For sure, the ductless heat pump will handle all of my a/c needs inside the garage all summer time long.
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