Heating plus Air Conditioning shop kind enough to donate device to hospital

It has been quite shocking to witness how our government has responded to this viral outbreak! Or, I should say, how they have chosen to not respond whatsoever to the crisis at hand, but i have never before been so disappointed in our government before and that is saying a ton.

I was never a big fan of politics in the first place, but seeing how they have abandoned everyone has really made myself and others come to despise our government system.

It is most shocking to myself and others that our hospitals are barely officially funded or equipped with supplies while I was in this emergency, but recently, several of the local hospitals reached full capacity for patients, but at the same time, at least 1 of them has suffered a giant heating and cooling breakdown because of the overworked indoor air temperature control system. Apparently, the commercial heating and cooling devices were only prepared to be operating at maximum capacity. In fact, the hospital was creating many new spaces so it could increase its patient load and the air conditioning equipment became overworked from all of the excess body heat, but the high number of people coming and going through the front doors also gave a lot of additional heat which triggered the air conditioning equipment more often; Eventually, the AC method gave up and just shut down. At that point, the hospital could not even afford to get a heating and cooling upgrade. Thank Goodness, a local heating and cooling repair shop heard about the air quality catastrophe and quickly gave up their goods and services. Thanks to the donation of the Heating plus Air Conditioning shop, the hospital was able to start up the AC equipment back up again and do the best they could for all of the patients. At least we can rely on our local Heating plus Air Conditioning shops over our government.



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