Hire lady HVAC workers and bring in clients – men

I have a strong word of advice to anyone who’s trying to open their own heating, cooling, and ventilation service. Hire some women to work on your HVAC technician team. Before you go out to the local trade school and recruit all of the men who are graduating from their heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist program make sure that you inquire about the opposite gender at the same time. You really want to have some ladies on your staff for one particular reason. If you are trying to do business with men, they will always prefer to have a cute lady walking around their house. Give that woman some tools and expert knowledge in the heating and cooling industry, and they will swoon. Once your male clientele has realized that they can converse with an intelligent and skilled HVAC workwoman, they will never call another HVAC repair shop. I promise you that they will be loyal customers for your heating, cooling, and ventilation dealership for the rest of their lives. If you’re wondering how I have such a strong opinion about female heating and cooling technicians, it’s because I am one. I graduated at the top of my class from the local trade school and I have been employed as a professional HVAC technician ever since. I am the most requested HVAC worker at the entire air quality control dealership. Besides that, I am the most highly paid air quality control specialist that they have I ever had on staff. Get lady HVAC technicians and watch your business skyrocket.



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