How did it Break so fast

I can not suppose how bad my luck is.

I had bought a brand current dial control component because I appreciate the old style of control component over the newer, more current complex 1s.

And would you suppose that the new dial control component wound up breaking down on myself and Bob within a month of having it? This was not right! Obviously the dial control component had been defective when made in the factory. I took the dial control component right back to the store I got it from to try to get a replacement. At first they provided myself and others with a lot of concerns and would not give myself and others a replacement or a refund. But then Bob and I demanded to speak to a manager. They went and got 1 for me; When the manager came out Bob calmly and politely explained that I bought the dial control component here and that it wound up breaking on myself and others all by itself within a week. The manager took a long look at the dial control component and found that the main circuits were all burned out. And it was not something that I had done. They were love this from a factory error. So after finding that out the manager had myself and Bob go to the back of the store with him to get myself and others a replacement and he personally opened it up to see if there were any more complications. And luckily there was none. So I was able to take the dial control component to our condo and re hook it up to my central heating, ventilation plus A/C system. All worked out OK in the end.

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