How to know which thermostat setting you should use

Sometimes, it is difficult during the spring and the fall to know which thermostat setting you should use.

The temperatures fluctuate so much, and I have a hard time remembering to actually check the thermostat.

During the spring and the fall, you will find a typical swing in temperatures. During the day, the temperature is likely pretty warm, but this might change depending on cold fronts and stuff rolling in. During the evening, the temperatures are consistently cold. This might mean that you have to turn on the furnace during the evening and the central air conditioner during the day. However, depending on the day, you might also have to use the furnace during the day. Some days might be perfect, meaning that you can turn your thermostat off completely. These temperatures shift day by day, and it can be very difficult to remember to turn your thermostat off or switch settings each time. Most often when I forgot to adjust the thermostat, I wake up in the middle of the night freezing or realize that I am sweating very badly during the day. I know that there are thermostats that will do this whole process for you very easily, but they are expensive, and in my opinion, those thermostats aren’t worth it. I think that it might be easier to set a reminder on my phone to remind myself to adjust the thermostat at least once at night and once in the morning after I have checked the weather. Trying to figure out which thermostat setting you should use is a lot of work.

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