Husband needs HVAC for his tools

However, it is going to cost around 3500 bucks

My husband is impossible to shop for. The man has no wants or needs. He also had the audacity to be born December 26th. So once a year I need to come up with a boatload of presents for him. I try not to combine Christmas and birthday into one gift but sometimes it is necessary. This year I actually do have an idea for him. But it would basically be his only gift for the year. My husband built himself a shed in the backyard. It actually is quite impressive. He poured cement footing and built a wood frame. He added insulation and drywall. He has a garage door opening, normal door and a window. He even got himself lights and outlets in there. The only thing he needs is heating and cooling. My husband is worried about his tools rusting in the southern heat. The moisture is really a problem here. With AC it would keep it cool and moisture free. In the winter he likes to tinker around in his shed but it is too cold. I have price checked ductless mini splits for him. I could easily add one unit to his shed and provide him with heating and air conditioning. I got a HVAC contractor that is willing to do it cheaply if I will pay him in cash. So that is a bonus. However, it is going to cost around 3500 bucks. That is quite a hefty gift year and it would be the only thing he gets. Is it worth doing this or not?



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