I always look at reviews now

I am really lucky in the aspect that I have not been unfortunate enough to have any major heating and cooling problems. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about bad HVAC techs, HVAC scams and other not good stuff. It actually kind of made me nervous the first time I had a HVAC tech come out. Thankfully he was just a normal guy who wanted to get his job done like everyone else. Anyways, my mother called me yesterday and she told me about her bad luck with a HVAC product. She had bought an air purifier online yesterday from a HVAC company. When she opened the package, the air cleaner was completely destroyed. In her words, it looked like someone hit it with a hammer repeatedly. She showed it to me, and I saw what she meant, it was all pieces! It literally looked like it was run over by a car. My mother saw that the HVAC business she had bought it from wasn’t the best company, and had a history of sending broken items to customers, including whole home media air purifiers. My mom had the bank refund her, since the HVAC corporation wouldn’t. Ever since then, I have been extra careful online, because I don’t want to have to worry about receiving broken items. Now I always read about the heating and company I am buying from. So far, I haven’t had any bad luck, if anything, I’ve had nothing but good luck! All of the HVAC specialists I’ve talked to have been great, and so have any HVAC products I bought online. I only hope it will continue this way.
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