I can’t wait to give my dad his birthday gift

I can’t wait to give my dad his birthday gift this year.

My dad is always really hard to buy for, and I really never know what to get in.

He does not care about anything materialistic at all. The only thing that he ever really cares much about are tools and his truck. Last year for his birthday, I got him a care package for his truck including a year’s worth of free car washes. He really liked that gift, and so I thought about doing it again this year. However, I got a different idea one day a few weeks ago. I overheard him saying that he needed a new thermostat for his HVAC company, and I got right to work on that. Apparently, the thermostat that was in his house had gone really old and he was ready for an update and a change. I heard him talking about something called a new smart thermostat unit, and so I went home and looked them up. I found a perfect smart thermostat unit for my dad and his HVAC system at his house. When his birthday gets here next week, I think that he is going to be so excited that he’s going to have a new smart thermostat. My dad is not really a man of many words, so he might not tell me how much he loves it, but I will be able to tell. I hope that the new smart thermostat helps him out with his heating and cooling bills and with the indoor air quality in his house.


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