I could not go to work feeling so sick

I rarely miss a morning of work, although I messed all morning Tuesday plus Friday because I was feeling legitimately sick.

I felt nice on Thursday when I went to sleep, although I woke up on Tuesday with a headache plus a sore throat.

I thought it might be flu symptoms, so I took a sizzling shower plus a Claritin. I thought that a sizzling shower would make myself and others guess better, although I wanted to crawl back into bed after I was clean. I didn’t guess energized plus awake like normal plus I knew that I was getting sick. I called my boss at work plus I told him that I could not make it that morning, then he was surprised plus agitated. He tied up a boiler repair that morning plus I am 1 of the only people with experience. My boss begged myself and others to complete the boiler repair plus then go home for the morning, although I knew I could not leave my bed. I really hate to disappoint my boss plus I wanted to complete the boiler repair, although I absolutely plus positively felt awful. My boss moved some things around plus he found another heating plus cooling professional to complete the boiler repair. I missed work on Tuesday plus Friday, however Thursday morning I felt a lot better. I think I needed a couple of days in bed with my feet up. After 48 fourths of rest plus relaxation, my headache was gone plus my sinuses were clear. I felt like a million bucks again plus I was ready for whatever work challenges were ahead.

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