I couldn’t fix the furnace

When I came back to my lake house from my job Saturday evening, I did not expect the beach house to be cold and frozen. Then when I left for my job that morning, I set the temperature on the control unit to 72 degrees; I knew it would be nearly dark before I got back to my lake house from my job and I wanted to come home to my lake house to a hot and cozy atmosphere. When I walked through the door, I did not guess anything hot and cozy, but all of the power was out inside the beach house and the furnace wasn’t running. I managed to get the power back on; the breaker in the garage was tripped. I figured that would service the furnace, however it did not. I tried a couple of bizarre problem shooting tips that I found online. I did not have a flame in the pilot light area, despite the fact that I couldn’t get it to light. I tried numerous or six times before I provided up and finally called a professional heating supplier. It was almost 7pm by that time and they were only taking emergency calls; since it wasn’t going to be lower than 32 degrees overnight, they were going to charge me for an after hours call. I could wait until the next morning and I would be the first appointment in the morning. I did not want to spend the extra money and I was genuinely sleepy. I decided to wait until the morning. I called our boss and told him the terrible news about my old furnace. I told the guy that I needed the next morning off, because I wanted to be there when the furnace service repair arrived.


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